The latest SMSServer version has following new features:

  • New option to send only alarms activated after SMSServer startup;
  • New export option for the SMSServer messages list;
  • Updated graphic interface.

Some bugs have also been fixed:

  • [CRITICAL] Fixed category filter at application level (from the textbox on Settings->Messages tab);
  • Fixed cluster creation: in case of new redundant cluster there were a problem on cluster saving.


It is now possible from our website to purchase a 3G Modem, both with SMSServer license or not. Product is a Gemalto EHS6T-USB and it works all over the world thanks to its large band support (five-band 3G and quad-band 2G).
The packaging includes:

  • Gemalto EHS6T-USB Modem;
  • Power supply with Schuko plug;
  • USB connection cable 2mt. length;
  • Antenna with male connector and 2.5mt cable length.

Product has been tested with SMSServer and we produced a quick start guide to help Customers with configuration.
Take a look at the manuals on the download section of our website for further technical details, and at the purchase section where it is possible to buy modem, both with license or not.

Due to the large number of requests coming from our Customers and possible Customers, our technicians have tested some GSM modems in order to publish a compatibility list.

Considering tests results, Customers suggestions, product availability and reliability, we can suggest three modems:

  • Gemalto EHS6T-USB - 3G Five Band / 2G Quad Band modem;
  • Cinterion MC55i - 2G Quad Band modem;
  • Siemens TC35i - 2G Dual Band modem.

On the download section of our website, it is possible to get manuals and specifications about the easiest GSM modems we successfully tested with SMSServer.
In order to provide a ready to use solution, from now on it is also possible to purchase Gemalto EHS6T-USB modem together with SMSServer license, or also by itself. Take a look at our Purchase section.

We'd like to thank all Customers, or simple testers, who gave suggestions using our online form.

New SMSServer version released. Here's a list of new features:

  • In case of hardware licensing, SMSServer won't exit in case the key is not plugged in at startup, but keeps searching for the key until windows recognizes it correctly;
  • Compatible with Windows 10;
  • Compatible with Citect SCADA 2015.

In case of setup of this new version to connect to CitectScada2015, be sure to select the relevant option into the setup menu.

On previous SMSServer version, we declared compatibility with CitectScada2015, but this compatibility was granted only for a single user and only in case SMSServer was running on the same PC where CitectScada runs. With this version, it is possible to use username different from "kernel", and it is also granted the connection to remote CitectScada Alarm servers.

SMSServer previous version (3.3.2014.1016) has a problem with Citect connection.

We apologize for the inconvenience, please download and install this new version of the software.

This new version will extend modem compatibility thanks to an upgrade on the serial port management.

Modem that requires DTR signal before transmission can now be used with SMSServer. This new version has been successfully tested with modem GateTel GGT-HE910EUD.

If you are using a GSM modem with SMSServer, please help us creating a compatibility list filling this module.
Your help will be appreciated.