With the new SMSServer version the graphic interface has been changed together with the graphic update of the website.

Main news are:

  • SW and HW licensing method unified in a single executable, no need to choose the license method during setup;
  • New license component to avoid virus detection in case of use of the software license;
  • 3G Modem 100% compatible with SMSServer purchase availability from the website;
  • Website and application graphic interface refreshed;
  • Alarm Area details available in message composing;
  • Possibility to send auto acked alarms;
  • Modified alarm read routine from Citect.

Bug fixed with the latest release:

  • [CRITICAL] it has been fixed the functionality of area filter. Due to a missing function introduced on one of the previous version it was disabled, but it is now fixed and working.
  • Fixed Verbose window.