SMSServer is a software product that integrates seamlessly with CitectSCADA and Vijeo Citect, and requires no change to your project to work. Its main goal is to alert people far from plant that something is not working fine, thanks to an SMS and/or E-Mail delivery routine that sends alarm messages outgoing from CitectSCADA or VijeoCitect to a customizable list of users, whom can acknowledge alarms simply replying to the received SMS.

SMSServer doesn't require dedicated hardware to run, just a GSM modem or a mobile phone connected to the PC where it runs. Compatible with the most recent versions of Windows, CitectSCADA and VijeoCitect, SMSServer will become your ideal companion if you need not to check 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week your plant.

Register (completely free) to the website using the form on the left-high side of this page, go to download page and download your SMSServer trial copy!