• Single license price: EUR 590;
  • Delivery charges: None;
  • License type and delivery method: USB Key sent by courier;
  • Maximum license delivery time: 7 workdays after payment receipt.

Purchasing the hardware license prevent your license to be lost because of the following causes:

  • Repeated computer hardware failure (e.g. hard disk or network card broken);
  • Computer hardware upgrade operations (e.g. RAM addiction, hard disk expanding, ...);
  • Computer dismission (e.g. new computer needed for any reason).

This licensing method even ensures you will be able to run SMSServer since you have your key plugged in the PC and lets you free to run your licensed copy of SMSServer in all the PC you like, simply plugging the USB Key in the PC where you want SMSServer to run.

In order to obtain an hardware key with SMSServer license, please fill all of the fields of the following form and complete payment procedure. Your SMSServer license will be delivered to you in the way and time specified at the beginning.

For commercial information, such as special discounts for multiple licenses, please contact info@smsserverweb.com.
For technical information please contact support@smsserverweb.com.

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