• Single license price: EUR 350;
  • Delivery charges: None;
  • License type and delivery method: Alphanumeric activation code sent by EMail;
  • Maximum license delivery time: 2 workdays after payment receipt.

Before buying the software license we want to inform you that software licence is bounded to computer hardware, and for this reason there are some possibilities that you can lost your license for any of the following causes:

  • Repeated computer hardware failure (e.g. hard disk or network card broken);
  • Computer hardware upgrade operations (e.g. RAM addiction, hard disk expanding, ...);
  • Computer dismission (e.g. new computer needed for any reason).

In any of this case your software license is lost and unrecoverable, and you have to buy a new license to run SMSServer.
If you want to avoid this possibility, you can alternatively choose to require an hardware license.

If despite this possibility you need an activation code, please fill all of the fields of the following form and complete payment procedure. Your SMSServer license will be delivered to you in the way and time specified at the beginning.

Information required for license creation

In order to complete the license creation customers have to provide some informations:
- VALID EMAIL where our support team will send the created license.

SMSServer on every starting of DEMO version will show a window containing the Site Code and Machine ID (MID). Copy them using the related button on the right of the two values and paste it into the request form.